The Studio Edge

Pro Audio Recording Series


The Studio Edge 101, 102, and 103 are now available!

Follow the links below to receive a free chapter of each course.

The Studio Edge 101: Studio Concepts, Gear & the Physics of Sound

[4.5 Hours]

The Studio Edge 102: Building a Recording Studio: Acoustics, Gear Selection & Implementation

[5.75 Hours]

The Studio Edge 103:

Drums: Anatomy, Preparation & Miking Technique

[4.6 Hours]

The Studio Edge 103B:


Drums: The Anatomy of a Drum Kit

(No miking)

[2.5 Hours]

We are completing the final phases of The Studio Edge 103B and anticipate it to be released during Q3 of 2023. Sign up below to be notified!

Meet Your Instructor

Jim Pavett smiling and sitting at console desk

Jim Pavett is a recording engineer, producer, educator, and drummer with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He owns a world class commercial recording studio and sales/consulting company that builds studios and sells high-end recording gear.